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Mobile Sue

She is Lizzy…

She is soft and gentle and yet curious and daring. She is Lou’s little princess and protected by him always. She looks so much like Lou, the resemblance between the two is uncanny and yet she is already her own person. She can be grumpy, have an off day and yet her smile will melt your heart.
She is Lizzy and she is the inspiration for a new set of products added to the Bisou de Lou Portfolio.
In April 2017 we welcomed Lizzy into our family and our lives. For the second time over, we were blessed to become parents, this time of a beautiful baby girl and we named her Lizzy Sue. All parents will agree that the first year of parenthood can be very challenging, to say the least. However, with the addition of Lizzy to our family also came a lot of inspiration.
It started with the Lizzy Mobile, a play on the popular Bisou de Lou Dreamcatcher combined with the signature Bisou de Lou Rabbit Head, but quickly turned into more. The Lizzy Products combine the signature BdL look and shapes, with fresh quality fabrics and are handmade with love.


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